Was great-great-great grandma a witch?

witch3A new manuscript available to consult on Ancestry.co.uk  details the names of people who were accused of being witches in Scotland in 1658. If you have an Ancestry account and would like to look at it, you need to search under the Card Catalog option in the drop down search menu. The name of the collection is “Scotland, Names of Witches, 1658.” I’d suggest, however, that if you really want to read it properly, you go through the Wellcome Library site. There they have also digitized a handwritten transcription of the extremely-hard-to-read original manuscript. I don’t see the transcription available on Ancestry.
I’m already intrigued – in the first few pages there is a “Catharine Edger” listed as an accused witch in Dumfries. Edgar is one of our ancestral names on my maternal line and some of them certainly lived in this area!

There’s an article about the manuscript below; if you want to see both the manuscript and the transcription you need to go to the Wellcome Library website at




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