One of my favorite DNA-related things of 2018

It’s been an exciting year for those of us involved in genetic genealogy. One of the most exciting (and to some, controversial) developments has been the use of DNA to break cold cases such as in the Golden State Killer case (as well as at least 20 others). There has been plenty of coverage of the methods involved, some of it sensationalist and downright incorrect. Law enforcement are now learning how to use the same techniques to identify suspects using DNA that genealogists have been increasingly using to identify lost family or biological parents (in the case of adoptees or mis-attributed parentage). Law enforcement agencies are learning these techniques, in most cases, directly from the genetic genealogy community. At the I4GG conference 10 days ago in San Diego,  law enforcement officials were in attendance to learn about the latest techniques and tools. We were also privileged to hear Barbara Rae Venter speak about her work on the Golden State Killer case as well as her previous, if less high profile work on the Lisa Jensen case and the Bear Brook murders. I’ve included two links here to Barbara’s work which are well-written and balanced accounts. Remember that this work is being done to crack cold cases involving violent crimes. Reading the attached articles may not be for everyone. There’s also an excellent podcast about the Bear Brook murders and how they linked to the Lisa Jensen case, if true crime podcasts are your thing.

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