Maggie StevensonMaggie Stevenson was born and raised in Scotland and has been living in the US since 2002. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of St Andrews (Scotland) and a Certificate in Professional Genealogy from Boston University. She is passionate about history and genealogy. Recent projects have included a search for a Scottish immigrant in California during the Gold Rush; an investigation into an ancestor’s connection to Andrew Carnegie; the history of a San Francisco house and its direct connection to the Summer of Love.

She is also an experienced genetic genealogist and uses DNA results from commercial DNA tests such as Ancestry DNA, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA to confirm ancestral lines or solve unknown parentage cases.  In January 2017 she successfully completed “DNA Bootcamp”, a week-long practical course in the application of DNA testing for genealogical purposes, held at SLIG in Salt Lake City. Her teachers have included CeCe Moore, Karen Stanbury and Paul Woodbury.

Maggie is fluent in Italian and can also facilitate document translation in French and German.

You can read some of her work samples here:

  1. Where and when did George Anderson die?