Maggie Stevenson was born and raised in Scotland and has been living inMaggie Stevenson the US since 2002. She has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of St Andrews (Scotland) and a Certificate in Professional Genealogy from Boston University. She is passionate about exploring family histories and bringing family stories to life through research.

She is also an experienced genetic genealogist and uses DNA results from commercial DNA tests such as Ancestry DNA, 23andMe. MyHeritage and Family Tree DNA to confirm ancestral lines or solve unknown parentage cases. She has found “lost” relatives through DNA and has helped analyse the DNA data for many adoptees. In many cases, she has been able to find one or both biological parents in adoption cases.

Past projects using traditional research techniques have included a search for a Scottish immigrant in California during the Gold Rush; an investigation into an ancestor’s connection to Andrew Carnegie; the history of a San Francisco house and its direct┬áconnection to the Summer of Love.

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